Lotte Berk website design

Lotte Berk was a dancer and an exercise pioneer who developed the unique Lotte Berk Technique based on the idea of core stability.

Lotte's daughter Esther Fairfax, still practices and teaches Lotte's technique at the age of 80. Esther wanted a website where she could bring together information about her mother and exercise classes, as well as her own writing: first a memoir of growing up as Lotte's daughter and then with works of fiction and an interactive exercise book.

The site was designed to reflect Lotte's vivacious attitide to life with the colour scheme of black and red inspired by Lotte's unique style. Over the years Esther has continued to embraced new technology so the site has evolved to connect to Esther's Twitter and YouTube accounts and respond to changes in the way Esther teaches the technique.