Intranet dashboard development

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability decided to use Workplace by Facebook for their new intranet. Whilst Facebook would enable staff across the organisation to connect and share best practice using a system they're already familiar with, RHN felt that they needed  way of making it quick and easy for users to find content from across the site. That's where I came in.

Using WordPress I built a single-page dashboard which would allow users to quickly access the team sites within Workplace as well as the other internal system which are essential in their day-to-day work.

Flexibility is key, so the dashboard can easily be updated to reflect the changing needs of the organisation without having to rely on any external development. Based on SiteOrigin's Page Builder plugin, I developed a couple of custom widgets which would allow the team to easily add and edit new content for the dashboard.

I also built a custom theme in line with RHN's visual identity guidelines, whilst making sure that ease of use for the site's users was always the priority.