Art Therapy Online website

Art Therapy Online is a digital space built to enable practitioners and professionals working in that field to come together and share resources and best practice.

The site aims to pull together resources which are currently spread far and wide across the web into a single, central location. 

At the heart of the site are two libraries: one for resources such as report, videos and articles and another for books. The resources library supports a range of downloadable content such as PDFs, as well as videos and other content some of which are hosted on third party sites. 

Filterable resource page

Underpinning everything on the site is a set of relationships and ways of categorising content. These allows users to easily filter resources and find what they need for the different contexts they may be working in. 

It also allows collections of resources to be easily created and highlighted, such as the page of resources which are particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A screenshot of a book page from the Art Therapy Online website

There's also a section of the site dedicated to some of the authors whose contributions are such an important part of the art therapy community. As content can be presented in a number of different contexts, the author's profile pages pull together any resources or books they are involved in from across the site.

I worked closely with the client throughout: scoping, planning and developing the Drupal 9 site. The emphasis is on keeping the site as straight-forward as possible, ensuring that the design doesn't get in the way of the great content at its heart.

Equal attention was paid to the editor experience to ensure site administrators have a user-friendly and intuitive interface they can use for adding resources to the site.

Art Therapy Online dashboard

I also configured Google Analytics and built a comprehensive dashboard using Google Data Studio. This makes the most important information about how users are engaging with the site available at a glance. Having access to this data provides a solid foundation on which we can make evidence-based improvements to the site going forwards.