Library logo and website design

Having recently joined my local library, I found their online experience didn't live up to the exciting, inspirational atmosphere of the library itself. There will be numberous reason why that's the case - for starters budgets have been cut left, right and centre and the fact that the library's still there at all is something to be grateful for. Interesting and engaging design shouldn't have to be completely sacrificed though and it seemed like an interesting opportunity for a personal project to give the design for the library a bit of an overhaul.

To start off with, I wanted to give the library a distinctive identity. 

Library logo design

The open pages of a book to form a capital M for the logo and a clean, crisp sans-serif typeface used in the logotype shows that this isn't your dusty old library of years gone by. The choice of purple for the primary colour in the brand palette is inspired by the lavender fields which used to cover the area which the library now serves.

Although a library these days is about a lot more than a collection of books, as that'll be one of the most common use cases I wanted to make sure that the experience for borrowers from the library's catalogue was good across all devices. For non-members, the registration process is simplified with the registration form split across multiple pages to separate the essential information needed to set up an account from additional questions which would allow that person's experience to be tailored to them.

Once logged in, a member's “My account” section offers quick access to view and renew any currently withdrawn items and list recommendations based on their previous borrowing habits. To encourage a community of book lovers in the area, members can also add reviews of the items which they've borrowed and can be notified if a book they've read is selected by one of the library's book clubs.

Library website mockup

As well as the collection of items to borrow, which can be searched online, I also envisage the library as a hub of the community offering a café, remote working spaces and a wide range of groups and events which members can take part in, all showcased on the website. 

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