RHN Superstars branding

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability hold annual staff awards so they can recognise team members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

For the 2016 awards, they wanted a new specific identify which they could use. Having previously worked with them on a number of projects, RHN approached me to design the logo for the awards.

As well as the main Superstars logo, I produced a couple of variants - one where the next is stacked for use in situations where the landscape version isn't practical and another where the abbreviation of the charity's name is used so it can remain legible at smaller sizes.

RHN Superstars Award alternatives logos

As well as the logos themselves, RHN asked me to design a nominations form so that colleagues, patients and families would be able to nominate worthy staff for one of the awards. In addition to the printed form, they wanted a version which could be filled in and returned electronically. 

RHN Superstars nomination form